Internet Solution Appraisal

Work closely with you to realistically determine your company’s Web site needs Custom Design
Custom tailor a web site specifically to match those needs. Numerous web sites tend to be “out of the box”, altered to meet the requirements of the customer. At best, they do not provide the full potential, and most often, are boringly formalistic.


We offer complete hosting solutions geared toward the latest Internet technologies allowing interactive and dynamic web sites.


Training is provided with most of our Internet solutions, customized to your companies direct Internet needs. We will show you how to access your email and use any special features on your web site.

Domain Registration

We will apply to the ICANN/InterNIC on your behalf with your unique domain name ( Which distinguishes your company on the Internet, allowing your potential customers to find your Web-site and email addresses easily.

Online Marketing

WIDG can research related internet resources to exchange links with or find other web outlets to list and promote your website.

Search-Engine Optimization

Some businesses rely on search-engine listings for Web-site traffic. We can submit your web site address to the top 10 search engines including the following:

Bing (Microsoft)